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Contact Us

If you are as fond of Rhodesian Ridgebacks as we are, we would love to hear from you. If you are interested on one of our puppies, we would like to find out more about you and where your new puppy will live.

We take extra time and attention with each puppy to make sure they are ready for their new homes and we try to be very careful that each puppy, with its individual personalilty, goes to just the right home.

Prices of puppies differ between pet and show quality pup, male and female. Rarely do we let females go with full breeding rights so if you are looking for a female for breeding only, one of our puppies is probably not right for you.

We do consider special pricing for special needs. After all, our goal is to place our puppies in the best homes possible.

If after you have read all of the above and you are still interested in one of our puppies, please contact us using the form below that will help you send us an email. A copy of the email will also be sent to you.

If you simply need to contact us, please email us at We can also be reached by phone at 309-348-3009.

  1. Enter your name and phone number.

  2. Enter your email address. Please be sure to enter it correctly.

  3. If someone recommended you to us, enter their name and phone number.

  4. Tell us about your yard. How big is it? Is it fenced in?
  5. Will this be an indoor dog or strickly outdoors?
  6. How many hours will this puppy be left alone on an average day?
  7. Will this be a working dog, a family pet, or both? If a working dog, what type of work will this dog be doing?
  8. Have you had a Rhodesian Ridgeback before? If not, would you consider taking your new puppy to obediance training?
  9. Are you looking for a male, female, pet or show puppy?
  10. About 10 to 20% of all RR's are born without the ridge-like hair that goes backwards up their back. Would you considering a Ridgeless puppy?
  11. Do you have young children in the house and if so, have you considered that a large, very active puppy may jump or run into a small child?
  12. Ridgebacks need lots of exercise. If you have a small yard, do you have a place where you can take your new puppy so it can get the exercise it needs? Once your puppy reaches full size, will you want to keep up the chore of excersising your dog?
  13. Please tell us what your time frame is and if you are interested in a current or future litter.
  14. What state to you live in? We are located in Pekin, Illinois, close to Peoria. Are you willing to drive to Pekin Illinois to pick up your puppy?

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