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Puppy Information

Veronica's puppies born July 8th, 2009. 9 puppies: 4 Boys and 5 Girls!

Dam:  Ch. Parnassus Veronica Lake (Pedigree on Post) (OFA Information)
Sire:  Ch. Avendale Of Nashira (Pedigree on Post) (OFA Information)

8 weeks old! To see the puppies playing, click here to watch their Ridgebacks Chilling video on

6 weeks old! Back from the vet for their checkup and outside to play. Boy do they like to play.

5 weeks old, soo... sweet when they are sleeping!

Almost 5 weeks old, and they are soooo.... cute!

Puppies 22 Days old and trying to escape the whelping box!

Puppies 20 Days old and up on their feet!

Puppies 15 Days Old!

Puppies 10 Days old and doing great!

Just Born Puppies and Veronica resting up and getting ready to deliver.

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