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Parnassus Veronica Lake

Puppies Born March 26, 2006 - 5 Boys and 4 Girls

SIRE: Dionysos of Parnassus - Sammy
RR-TH891/13M-PI, PENHip 0.56/0.44. OFA Preliminary (dogs under 24 months) Hips and Elbows Normal.
DAM: Parnassus Veronica Lake - Veronica
PENNHIP 0.32/0.29, OFA Hips: RR-8235G35F-PI, OFA Elbows: RR-EL2786F35-PI, OFA Petella: RR-PA30/35F/P, OFA Thyroid: RR-TH893/35F.

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NOTE: All Males from this litter have been placed.
If you are interested in one of our puppies, please visit our Contact US page.

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6 Weeks


5 Weeks


4 weeks, 28 days old

Out of the whelping box.

Almost 3 Weeks (19 days)

Puppies now weigh around 4 pounds, and trying to escape the whelping box.

2 Weeks Old - Eyes Are Now Open


Day 5


First 2 days


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