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Sample Contract for Adoption from Sundown Ridgeback

The purpose of this Contract is to describe to the New Owner the guarantees that are expected from the Breeder and to describe the responsibilities of the New Owner for the Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy described as follows:

Breeder guarantees that this puppy is a purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback, registerable with the American Kennel Club (AKC), And That The Appropriate Registration Papers Will Be Given To The New Owner upon receipt from the AKC. It is recommended that the New Owner register this puppy promptly with the American Kennel Club (AKC) according to the organization’s terms and regulations. The Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy shall include in its registered name the Breeder’s kennel name "Sundown".

The Breeder has provided a true copy of this puppy’s pedigree.

Show Potential Puppy Requirements

The Breeder represents this Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy as SHOW POTENTIAL. The New Owner agrees to the following requirements before this puppy, as an adult Rhodesian Ridgeback, is considered for breeding.
  • This 6 month and older male or female Rhodesian Ridgeback has been shown in AKC sponsored confirmation compitition classes and has completed the AKC point requirements to have earned the AKC Champion award.

  • This 2 year old or older male or female Rhodesian Ridgeback has completed and passed OFA testing for the following: Hips, Elbows, Thyroid, Eyes, DM, and Heart.
Health care

This puppy has been thoroughly examined by a Veterinarian and the Breeder, and is found to be in good health at this date. The Breeder has given all vaccinations (Parvo, DHPPC) and other preventative care (i.e. wormings) for this puppy required to date. The New Owner agrees to establish a booster vaccination program and heartworm preventative program with their veterinarian on their first visit. New Owner agrees to keep this puppy under sanitary conditions and give it maximum health protection through wormings, vaccinations and periodic examinations by a veterinarian.

The New Owner agrees that within a period of 48 hours following the date of sale, to have this puppy examined by a veterinarian of his choice, preferably one who is familiar with the Rhodesian Ridgeback, in order to certify the health of this puppy. The examination is at the New Owner’s expense or guarantees are invalid.

If this puppy is not found to be in good health by the New Owner’s veterinarian, the New Owner must immediately notify the Breeder. Should this puppy be determined to be in ill health, the cause of which is clearly attributable to the Breeder, the New Owner, upon presentation of written diagnosis from said veterinarian, may elect to return this puppy to the Breeder along with all accompanying registration (signed back to the Breeder), pedigree and information papers for refund of purchase price. New Owner agrees to provide transportation of this puppy to return to the Breeder.

New Owner shall assume full responsibility for the health, appearance and temperament of this puppy upon date of purchase. New Owner agrees to follow the Breeder’s written and oral instructions in the care and feeding of this puppy. If New Owner fails to follow these instructions, any written/oral guarantees will be void.

The Breeder represents this Rhodesian Ridgeback as SHOW POTENTIAL. No guarantees are offered, expressed or implied that this puppy will grow to SHOW QUALITY. The Breeder does guarantee that all medical precautions have been taken to avoid genetic health problems. A replacement puppy, if available, will be offered if the adult Rhodesian Rigeback fails OFA testing at 2 years of age because of genetic defects.

New Owner agrees to take proper safeguards for the care and safety of the Rhodesian Ridgeback including, but not limited to, necessary food, veterinarian care and general care to maintain good and proper health, proper shelter and adequate exercise. New Owner understands that Breeder recommends keeping this dog "lean" in weight throughout his/her life. New Owner understands that this dog shall be fed a good quality food with a protein level no higher than 24%.

New Owner agrees that they shall not run/jog with this puppy before the age of 18 months.

New Owner may never use the Rhodesian Ridgeback described herein for fighting or attack purposes and is never to be sold, traded or given away.

Return to Breeder Rights

New Owner agrees that if at any time he is unable to keep this puppy due to change in his circumstances and are forced to seek a new owner for this puppy, then at that time, New Owner agrees to notify the Breeder by phone or in writing by mail. Breeder has first option on the dog as its new owner before anyone else. After a 30-day period, no refund is applicable. All records for this puppy, (i.e., veterinary records, training certificates, etc) shall be provided to the Breeder.

Other Information

Breeder and New Owner agree to establish some form of communication regarding this puppy’s well-being and overall adjustment to life as a Rhodesian Ridgeback on an annual basis. Breeder requests changes of address or telephone notification from New Owner.

New Owner understands that Breeder recommends attending Puppy Kindergarten classes and Basic Obedience classes. New Owner understands that Breeder recommends obtaining the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizenship certificate.

The Breeder and the New Owner(s) have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions of this contract, and therefore sign in agreement there to.

Breeder: Sharon Volk, Email:
New Owner: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________ Email: __________________________________________________
Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: ___________________

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